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2002_Food & Beverage Company HQ 

Offices & Warehouse in Neo Heraklio, Greece. 



The client, a new company operating in the Greek and international, wholesale, organic food and beverage market,  invited Path Architecture to design its headquarters and warehouse, which would occupy the lower stories of a multi-use building in Athens, Greece. By expertly designing and constructing this strategically locating premise, the company was helped to supply exceptional products, at the best value for money, wile establishing a fresh corporate identity. 


The lower level and ground floor housed the storage and retail area, while the administration offices filled the mezzanine. Custom construction, exterior walls were provided in the facade, combining drywall with full structural glazing for the upper zone, and insulated metal panels with high-pressure laminate plates cladding for the lower zone. The "anti-graphitti" property of HPL plates satisfied one of the client's main concerns, due to the location. Industrial doors with dock levelers and mechanical lifts were used to increase productivity.


The project added great value to the client, considering that it was completed in a very short time, with limited budget with maximum effects in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Λ  Construction Photos
Χ  Rendering Images
Χ  Diagram Drawings


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Project Type:



Neo Heraclio, Greece


230 sq.m 2,475 sq.ft



Design and supervision:

Path Architecture

Project Team:

Fani Papanicolaou

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