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Kousman Development

Project Type:

Commercial / Retail


Rafina, Greece


634 sq.m 6,825 sq.ft



Design and supervision:

Path Architecture

Project Team:

Christos Athanassopoulos

Fani Papanicolaou

Christos Patakos

Eva Sartzetakis

Dimitrios Tsionis


Structural Engineer:

Yanis Theodorou

Mechanical Enginer:

MKA Mechanical Engineers

Light Engineer:


Graphic Design:


General Contractor:

airTec Constructions


Konstantinos Kontos

Landmark location _ When called to design this project, Path Arch. was impressed by the site's privileged location, overlooking the main square of Rafina, a booming seaport town close to Athens. The program initially based on the accomodation of the owners's boutique fashion store with supporting commercial uses and increased needs for underground parking space. 


Theme _ Rafina, like many other cities in Greece, lacks any distinctive architectural style or notable public buildings. The town had a harbor from the Ancient Times and was mainly known for its sea access. It was the sea which gave the theme of the glazing design, using a custom graphics silkscreen printing.


Syntax _ The geometry of the corner site includes two fronts, one adjoining a public park space in the north and the other raised from the steet level in the east. Two modern porticoes on a marble clad "crepis" were put in place, so as to facilitate the access of pedestrians. The building's external round glazed form follows the traffic circulation around the site. The rectagular backyard, organized as a car parking area, dictated the flat southern side of the building. This facade has a system of open-air corridors and staircases, offering access to the uses in every floor.


Grammar _ Besides the silk screen printed glazing, used for the curved facades, the materials used are limited to basic. Floors and stairs are finished in Travertino beige stone, parking area is granite block paved, exposed brickwork is covered by plaster painted in shades of grey and brown, glazing structure and exterior doors / windows are from anodized aluminium, fence is from galvanized steel, porticoes are aquapanel cladded metal constructions, painted shiny black.


Design 2007 Construction 2008-2009

Multipurpose complex (retail / offices / parking)
in Rafina, Greece.

2007_Rafina Commercial Complex

Λ  Construction Photos
V  Rendering Images
V  Diagram Drawings


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