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The need _ The store created to meet the need of a unique relationship between the ephemeral conventions, which are typically used in the couture retail and a more enduring character, usually attributed to the architecture of public space.


Space  _ The shop is developed in two areas and three levels. The first area is a semi-underground hall, subtly isolated from the environment, while the second is a ground floor double height enclosure, with penetrating openings to the street and the planted inner courtyard of the building that hosts it. The third level, floating on the ground floor, is essentially a mezzanine construction.


Materiality _ The different functional entities are implemented with a rich repertoire of materials and morphological style. On the ground floor, bright islands host wireframe garments stands, combined with freeform shelves for accessories, under a ceiling with strong linear lighting. Upstairs, furnished areas give a "boudoir" atmosphere, roofed by a perforated shell, which provides hidden spot lighting. Downstairs, the furnishing of the shoes department is standing on the soft surface of a carpet. The three levels are connected by an open stairway, which is implemented, for structural transparency, of modules that extend overhanging from the wainscot of the sidewall. The gap in the levels of the stairwell is protected by a series of thin columns in free layout, a triple height flat gridwork of brass.



Interior design for a three story couture retail  in Rafina, Greece

2007_Boutique retail store

Λ  Rendering Images
V  Diagram Drawings

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Kousman Development

Project Type:

Commercial / Retail


Rafina, Greece


270 sq.m 2,900 sq.ft


Detailed Design


Path Architecture

Project Team:

Christos Athanassopoulos

Fani Papanicolaou

Eva Sartzetakis

Dimitrios Tsionis


Mechanical Enginer:


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