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2007_Money Interface

Installation proposal for the Bank of Greece main lobby


A "mobile installation" _ Although robotic in form and function, this installation that rotates around itself, as the entrance's revolving door does, poetically articulates the vision we have for the entrance of the Bank of Greece. It is a circulation machine, that reacts to its spectator, as the spectator does retrospectively. We revolve around our mobile and in turn, it revolves around us, in an abundant array.


Gyrating machine _  We chose this construction, based on the implication that the bank services its clients on the level of the international market, that subjects itself to the causes. It is a machine affected by external forces greater than it is, as is money universally. The screens, framed on the mobile, will provide images of the market flow, in chart form, on various levels: national, European, and international. They will also be reflective surfaces, describing current events and everyday actions of it’s clients: lifestyle video scenes (i.e.: a plumber at work, a grand parent reading to their grandchildren, parents with their newborn child etc). These images are to be positive and plausible, evoking the sense of reality, from which they’re created. The leveling will be two fold, based on the motion of the mobile. So the charts will be affected on a different dimension, which may be the effect that creates the cause for once (instead of the mundane reverse).


Foundation of reflection _ We suggest that the curved wall behind this installation be a reflective surface such as a mirror that will catch this work, echoing, and slightly distorting it on this layer.The background wall will be constructed of a very shiny material, as stainless steel, or chrome for example, so it can read what goes on above. This also creates a different vantage point of observation, other than at one’s eye level. It would be rather difficult to view any other way. The rotating mechanism will be contained in this base. Power supply and controlling panels will be installed all in the base, and so its rotary force begins from there. From this point two tubes are extruded, that serve as the swivelling nodes for the arms that frame the screens. (They are the skeleton that houses the wiring.) These servicing wires will be visible, as a point of access, only from the arms to the screens. Brightness and hue again will be controlled and manipulated from the base below. The levers or arms have the screens on one end and their counterbalance on the other.  These elements are to be constructed simply, yet intricately, in harmony to enforce our idea.



Λ  Installation Rendering images
Λ  "Mobile" Rendering images

V  "Mobile" Drawings


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Bank of Greece

Project Type:

Commercial / Installation


Athens, Greece


100 m2 (1,076 sq.ft.)


Design Competition


Path Architecture

Project Team:

C. Athanassopoulos


Eva Sartzetakis

Dimitrios Tsionis

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