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Dot Development

Project Type:

Office / Administration


Maroussi, Greece


3,000 m2 (10,764 sq.ft.)


Detailed Design

Under construction

Design & Supervision:

Path Architecture

Project Team:

C. Athanassopoulos


Christiana Clemens

Eva Sartzetakis

Dimitrios Tsionis

Elizabeth Komninaki

General Contractor:

Arcon Constructions

Project Managment:

Nikos Dikefalos

Program _ The Client purchased an office building in Maroussi, Athens to shelter under a coomon roof, a variety of companies dealing with advertising, media production and telemarketing, including call center services. The project was multifaceted, involving many different demands and directions. Every level had its own individual design approach according to use.


Key spaces & materials _ Core functional element, equally needed by all group companies was the meeting / presentations / board room. It was decided to be distracted and located on the penthouse level. There it  was designed as a platonic cave, with wooden sculpted surfaces, with a state of the art presentation system. The suite of board room and owner's office is difused to a terrace overlooking the Athens Olympics Sports Complex. Wooden sculpted surfaces softening a granite flooring, proposed to other common use areas, like the entrance and floor lobbies.


DESIGN 2007-2008, CONSTRUCTION 2008-

2007_Advertising & Media Group HQ

Λ  Rendering Images
V  Administration Floor Concept Sections
V  Construction Mockup

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Building Reconstruction in Athens
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