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Sparta Inn Hotel

Project Type:



Sparta, Greece


4,445 m2 (47,850sq.ft.)


Outline Design


Path Architecture

Principal in charge:

Christos Athanassopoulos

Fani Papanicolaou

Project Team:

C. Athanassopoulos


Eleana Kontou

Eva Sartzetakis

Elizabeth Komninaki

Project Managment:

Evdokia Dokoutsi 

2008_Hotel in Sparta

The call _ PATH Arch was asked to revamp a hotel in Sparta that was built in the 60’s. The building was trapped stylistically, and interventions to the interiors had been made in phases previously, adding to the complexity of this project. In this first phase we were asked to radically update the outdated facilities and homogenize the façade.


First approach _ The focus was given on the addition of a lace-like custom laser cut metal panel system.This would create a set of privacy dividers, parapets and special cladding for the balconies. The upper portion received a light weight canopy structure, serving as a shading for the renovated roof-garden. On the street level the large southern openings were protected using traditional arched window canopied tents.


Second approach _ The client's call answered using a somewhat historical morphology "with a twist". This "twist" engaged the use of a repetitive pattern, in this case a minimally decorated balcony and the main facade element. They would be executed in  muted dark tones in combination with window hoods, belt couses and other appropriate morphological elements.


Internal interventions _ In both cases, a rearrangement of circulation was essential, demanding the addition of new lifts, fire escape stairs, and corridors rearrangement. Βuilding parts of different age, are grouped together around a renovated central patio. All of the existing and new constructions will be integrated to the new design scheme, following common aesthetics and modern specifications.



Hotel Renovation in Sparta, Greece
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