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Project Type:


Psychico, Greece

1.043 sq.m / 11,230 sq.ft


Outline Design

Path Architecture
Principals in charge:

Christos Athanassopoulos

Fani Papanicolaou

Project Team:

Christos Athanassopoulos 

Fani Papanicolaou 

Elizabeth  Komninakis 

Christiana Klemens 

Reality _ The competition brief called for high efficiency residential development in one of Athens privatized enclave of housing reserved for the few. The problem for the developer is that potential buyers are seeking rather for a typology of a private residence, instead of that of a residential unit.


Privacy Variations _ Path Arch. proposed an alchemic recipe of stacked housing, ensuring privacy to four different family houses, offering to everyone of them a private garden and to two of them a private pool. This is obtained by maximizing the built open-air spaces, permitted by the local zoning, . With the addition of large green roofs and a strategic location of louvered screens, the high built density is relaxed and residences in the upper levels enjoy pretty much the same conditions with the ones at the ground level.


Design 2009

Modern housing in Psychiko, Greece.

2009_Residential Development 

Λ  Rendering Images
V  Diagram Drawings

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