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Agouridis Bros SA
Project Type:

Furniture Showroom and Stock house

Lykovrissi, Greece
Area: 3.000 sq.m / 32,290 sq.ft 


Principals in charge:

Christos Athanassopoulos

Fani Papanicolaou​
Path ARCH team:

Liza Komninakis

Christiana Klemens

Structural Engineer:

PMA Engineering / Panos Makris

​Mechanical Engineer:

MKA / Y. Margaris E. Kozoronis
Warehouse Consultant:

Business Concept
Lighting Engineer:

Bright Special Lighting
Project Management:

Ergon Plus / Aggeliki Petrou


Erieta Attali, Path ARCH.

2009_Furniture Showroom, Offices and Warehouse

Building Conversion in Athens, Greece

Building and the city _ The building located in the outskirts of Athens’s noble Kifissia was formerly a textile/cotton gin factory. It was entirely gutted and renovated to house a rather vast showroom and offices for the needs of the furniture import company. The program included administration areas on the upper levels and storage space on the lower level, while the ground level was kept for show-casing and client contact. 


New skin _ The façade was completely transformed receiving recomposed industrial surfaces of U- Glass / Ceramic/and Zinc cladding echoing the building's history and present industrial surroundings.


New order _ The overall theme regarding the interiors was a relaxed , shabby chic, low lit atmosphere. This applied to the offices and the showroom . We organized the visitor's route strategically after studying walk/path patterns in museums, including the occasional shortcut. Wooden pillared openings establish the directional path to the sequence of rooms that follow. Furniture is moved perpetually according to season, demand, and availability hence the rooms fluctuate in style.  An oversized stairway is what serves to attract the visitor to the upper level, also serving as showcase to the design object. The warehouse/storage level is automated with a computer tracking system facilitating inventory stock .

Design 2009 | Construction 2010 - 2011

Λ  Construction Photos
V  Rendering Images
V  Diagram Drawings

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