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Project Type:

Paximada Karystos, Greece

120 sq.m / 1,290 sq.ft



Path Architecture

Project Team:

Christos Athanassopoulos,

Fani Papanicolaou

Alexios Artemiadis


Structural Engineer:

Yanis Theodorou
Mechanical Enginer:

MKA Mechanical Engineers
Light Engineer:


General Contractor:

airTec Constructions


Konstantinos Kontos

Combining advantages _ The typical traditional stone built construction uses the bearing masonry known from the ancient times. The typical modern building construction uses a bearing structure instead, based on concrete or metal, and two layers of filling materials, separated by insulation. What happens if one mixes the modern know-how with the traditional look-&-feel?


Structured masonry _ This is what is hidden inside the 60cm / 2ft. wide walls of this vacation house, located at the territory of Karystos, famous for slate stone quarrying. The double inside-out stone skin is not flat cladding, but full masonry. Both sides are supported, via special anchor systems, by the bearing concrete structure, expanded with brickwork. The bearing structure is separated from the exterior stone masonry, being fully treated for water-proofing and covered by insulation. All the frames are set to brickwork maintaining the thermal break. 


Ingredients mix _ Besides the local stone, the materials used are limited to basic. Floors and wet area walls are finished in vanilla or antracite concrete wax, exposed brickwork is covered by slate grey plaster, interior doors and cabinets are wooden painted black, exterior doors, windows and fence are from black anodized aluminum, while ceilings are wood cladded painted white.


Typology with a twist _ The oblong main house is expanding in four split levels, having two bed rooms, each one with a private outdoor space, plus a winter living area with dinning kitchen and storage.     Single or double openings are framing the views, in every direction. To amplify the benefits of privacy and the site's generous views, the guest room is placed on top of the garage, merged into a second volume, next to the main house. Between the two blocks, protected by pergola, a sea facing courtyard is offering privacy and amazing views. Inspired by traditional cobbled roads, this inter- active space is cascading from the entrance down to the hillside. 

Final touch _ Interior design was crucial so it was included in the services provided, securing the relults of the demanding program. Shabby chic indoor and outdoor furniture, space dividers, storage and fireplace constructions were carefully chosen or custom ordered from all over the world.

Design 2009-2011 Construction 2012-2013

Vacation villa and guest house in Evia, Greece.

2009_Stone Villa in Karystos

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