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Public Power Corporation
Project Type:

Commercial / Interiors

Athens, Greece
Area: 1.043 sq.m / 11,230 sq.ft


Design Competition

Path Architecture
Principals in charge:

Christos Athanassopoulos,

Fani Papanicolaou
Project Team:

Christos Athanassopoulos,

Fani Papanicolaou,

Elizabeth Komninakis

Customer Service / Billing Service
Interiors renovation in Athens

Brief update _ Located adjacent to boisterous Praxitelous Street in central Athens, the agency serves numerous clients every day. The concept for the spaces renovated involved the balancing of programmatic functions: that of simply paying one’s bills, making adjustments to accounts, and a general information bureau. The intention was to create a fluid environment  to embed the current corporate identity within the space and host a series of movement -based volumes (constant public circulation).

Old, new, borrowed, blue _ The original seventy's construction comprised of ample spaces with luxurious brown marble clad floors &columns, combined with high ceilings, all presenting an intriguing starting point for this venue. The project generated a juxtaposition of the new with the old in harmonious dialogue.  

Design 2010

2010_ Public Power Agency

Χ  Construction Photos
Λ  Rendering Images
X  Diagram Drawings

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