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2006_Exhibition Center, Athens

Automobile Salon, showcase pavillions and events


The ambitious program _ for the site was about the creation of a theme park for cars. It would be the inventory collection of information and professionalism regarding this huge market.
Main objectives of the project were the promotion of car industry by coordinating the media, using cutting edge technology, during presentations in public areas, as social events with broader appeal. Parallel events included: new technologies, security, education, environment, flexible organization - monitoring market trends, car museum, memorabilia shop, thematic exhibitions, library, meeting venues.

Main Exchibition Hall _ Building with modern standards: day lit (transparent to daylight), wide span (bridging of large openings), support free (absence of internal pile foundation).

Entertainment Dome _ Building with modern architectural concept

aims of giving an identity and references to the surroundings. Contains the Welcome Lounge with Car Museum, Restaurants,  V.I.P area, Thematic Club, Roof garden, Bookstore with press coverage, Playground, Gym and Offices.

Dealers Pavilions _ Dual mode visit: independent admission w/local guest parking or inclusion in the indoor track (airway).

Parking _ small scale events: «test drive» on the central area, happenings in the surrounding area (modeling, presentations, ...)

Airway _ Light metal construction w/curved tracing. Combination of air-conditioned enclosed or covered open space.



Λ  3D movie snapshots
V  Diagram Drawings

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Project Type:

Commercial / Infrastructure


Spata, Greece


50.000 sq.m 538,200 sq.ft


Outline Design


Domos Consulting,

[ react ] IN,

Path Architecture

Project Team:

Christos Athanassopoulos

Fani Papanicolaou


Internal Vehicular & Pedestrian Circulation and Parking Facilities:
Dromos Consulting


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